Drupal E-commerce with Ubercart 2.x

Review by Dr.Diego Cilea – CIO @ Versilia Righi Srl, Freelance web-developer and
programmer on Drupal Systems

In this book, George Papadongonas and Yiannis Doxaras take the reader through the
basics of using Ubercart within Drupal system, with a heavy emphasis on all the key
concepts of the module, in this way, the work may be considered a step by step guide for
making your own 1st e-commerce site.
First of all, we can consider the Ubercart module as a very good way to automate the
building of a backbone of an ecommerce site. In fact, in the
past three years it evolved, making a tout-court solution over a growing “orizzonte” that
goes from the product creation to the management of
workflow for orders to the payment methods integration.
The incredible thing is the simple way of use of Ubercart module also for the newbyes of
Drupal system.
Starting from this points this book contain many good things, in particular the detailed level
of description makes this book useful both for a technical reader and for a newbye user at
first approach to the system,that is rarely seen for this kind of book.
Each chapter uses a well thought out example based approach and in every chapter, the
book will:
– Introduce any new concepts that are key to understanding the chapters content;
– Introduce the concepts and clearly state its goals and objectives;
– Explain the author intentions about using the characteristics presented;
– Explain a step-by-step completion of the configuration and basic use, from start to end
with lots of screenshots, tips, and explanations of important key points along the way.
Each of the example projects is presented in such a way that is easy to follow and often
quite compelling to read.
The main goal of the book is to see an ecommerce site grow up as a short and sweet
project, but as the book progresses and the techniques used become more familiar,
it gradually build up giving to the developer the possibility to continue with a big one.
The chapter that impressed me is the fourth “Managing Product and Categories”,
expecially for the import method of a large database of products,
very interesting and complete method, reviewed deeply in the last version of ubercart and
useful for any kind of company’s ecommerce site.
Towards the end of the book the author preferred to dedicate some paragraph to third-
party systems integration(CRM, twitter etc..), a good starting point for a complete system
development in these years where the need of user communities and feedbacks are a
must have characteristics.
The ability of creating a complete book with chapters for Drupal configuration from zero is
a good choice coupled with detailed and comprehensive explanations, often dotted with
additional notes and useful tips, making this work a good starting source for everyone
wants to use Drupal for ecommerce.

A featured and extracted chapter from the book to go through and get a feel of the book can be reached by this link: Chapter.

A link to the book homepage: Here.



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