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Hi there, Me
you’re welcome in my blog! ‘m Diego Cilea, student
I  studied @ University of Pisa in Computer Science class, faculty of Science  and i’ve obtained the master degree in Computer Science in February 2009.

I’ve many interests, expecially in Computer Science and new technologies.

In this context i’ve been involved in many software and Web projects during my University career, some of these were argument for exams that i’ve been sustained in these years.
I’m specialized in Java Language, used along the university’s years and during my free time.
Although in my studies, Java is the privileged language, i’ve also acquired many skills in many other languages and technologies.
Here follow a list of the most important:

Java environment:
-Java 5.0
-J2Me and bluetooth implementations Device2Device and Device2PC
-Jini(In a little company of Sarzana(SP), Apai Srl, Where i worked for one year as developer)
-Jsp, Servlet + Tomcat, J2EE
-Red5 Open Source Steraming Server
-Spring Framework + Liferay CMS development

Other languages:

– C#
– C++ (expecially wxWidgets library)
– Ansi C (base knowkledge)
– Javascript + JQuery
– Php (studying)
– Flash and Actionscript (and applications in Red5 Streaming Server)

– Linux Os(expecially network security) and kernel structure.
– Windows Os
– Mac Os

Other technologies/services:

– Apache Web Server(base knowledge) & Tomcat
– MySQL/PostGre/Access database(and Sql language)
– Network security and implementations(theory and practice), included Wi-Fi, ipTables
– BIND Dns server

In this context i’ve beeen involved in my master thesis in Enel s.p.a. with the title: VM introspection for Scada system’s assurance. Very challenging argument!

In this moment i’m also studying, in my free time, expecially two arguments

– HoneyNet (use and implementation) and nort,
– Virtual Machines (use and mechanisms).

The next interest will be VoIP and RFID technology or what else?

In my personal hobbies there are many other things, sports for example: Soccer, Tennis, Running, gym, cycling, sometime swimming.
Another “sport” is playing with pc/console 😉 and get a perverse thrill out a continuous mental torture with logical games and problems.


* IT Consultant and Software Engineer @ Bitflow company of Pisa

* Teacher in a training course sustained @ SpaceNew s.r.l., Lucca in June 2007 – October 2007
Topics : Wi-fi attacks and countermeasures, Ip Stack layers 3-4 and protocols, Lan monitoring and security, OpenLDAP-Samba installation and use on Linux distros.

* Java Software analyst and developer @ Apai S.r.l. in Sarzana(SP) (August 2005-June 2006)
An intership for the bachelor degree in Computer Science.

* Associated to a no-profit cultural association, @System of Pisa(http://www.atsystem.org).

With this association i’ve been involved in the organization(from the 1st edition in 2002) of one of the most important conference on Network security in Tuscany and middle Italy called “Net & System Security” with the partecipation of many famous companies of IT world(IBM, Nokia, Hp, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems,Cisco systems and many other) and the support of many organization like Engineering Informatics Dept. of Pisa, Computer Science Dept. of Pisa, IIT CNR of Pisa, and security professional associations like AIPSI and CLUSIT(there are also the contributions of famous magazines like Hakin9, PCMagazine, Dev).

In the various edition i’ve been chairman for many seminars on network security:

2007 edition:

HoneyNet seminar;

Observing the tidal waves of Malware,
Stefano Zanero – Dipartimento Elettronica del Politecnico di Milano, Secure Network SRL, AIPSI;

The Nepenthes Platform: Automated Botnet Detection and Mitigation ,
Georg Wicherski – mwcollect.org, EmsiSoft, RWTH Aachen;

2006 edition:

Network security seminar;

“Validazione dell’accesso alla rete basato su policy: problematiche e prospettive”,
PierGiorgio Malusardi – ITPRO Evangelist, Microsoft Italia

“Pattern di rischio e relativi scenari di sicurezza”,
Robert Alexander – Executive IT Architect , IBM Server & Technology Group IBM Italia

“Opportunità e rischi sulla virtualizzazione dell’infrastruttura di rete”,
Stefano Suin – Direttore Centro Serra

2003 edition:

Wireless vs Wired security;

“Sicurezza di livello 2: protocolli ARP,STP, 802.1q “

Marco Misitano , Cisco System Advanced Technologies, Security

“La Sicurezza delle Wireless 802.11: dalla teoria alla pratica “

Davide Ferri, CSP Torino
Today i hold the position of IT Director in a multisite no-profit healthcare Foundation. Soon i will describe this activity in detail(or you can go in my Linkedin profile for further informations).

For any question contact me at mail address : -diego.cilea@gmail.com-


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