Troubleshooting virtual machine TCP/IP connection issues

Hi all.

In these weeks i’ve got some errors from some vm(linux red hat 5) that seems to have some networking problems.

We’ve a VMWare cluster with VSphere 4.1 updated to the last patch level.

All the settings were unchanged in the last year but sometimes we’ve these errors:

– Cannot ping the vm eth interfaces from external machines

– Can ping the vm from VMs in the same host

or another one symptom

– the data transfer from fileserver samba in this vm and windows get slowly and packets are sometimes lost.

With the first one symptoms the solution was to apply vMotion and change the execution host, but the strange was that the vms with Os Windows on the same host were clear from these problems.

The results of our insvestigation is that the problems were generated by a defective ethernet card Netxen QuadPort. Also after an update of the firmware the card generate random problems on his NICs.

VmWare published an useful howto troubleshooting guide for TCP/IP issues that i link bottom:

Have a good Christmas!


~ di diegotech su dicembre 21, 2012.


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