Red Hat 6 and VSphere

A fresh install of RHEL6 contains several vSphere-ready components:
the standard kernel package contains kernel modules for the optimized VMware virtual hardware (network, storage, and memory balloon driver).

  • vmxnet3
  • vmw_pvscsi
  • vmware_balloon

and just like in earlier RHEL releases, there’s drivers for the VMware graphics card and the mouse driver:

  • xorg-x11-drv-vmware
  • xorg-x11-drv-vmmouse

Especially the built-in network and storage drivers will make life easier for RHEL admins in vSphere environments.
That’s great news ofcourse, but I’d like to stress that this is not equivalent to a full VMware Tools install, which would include extras such as shutdown/reboot/freeze/resume scripts, IP address display in the vSphere client, etc.


~ di diegotech su febbraio 7, 2012.


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