OTRS Notification

In OTRS, after an initial setup, the first task to accomplish is configuring alerts and notifications to the users of system, in this case the tema support(agents) and the users(customers).

I have found useful the email configuration with OTRS Tags that places macros in email layouts to obtain informations from system in an abstract object oriented manner.

When i searched for a list of tags i have had several difficults, here i list all the infos retrieved.

a) All params of the latest customer article:


Also possibe but depends on used action:
<OTRS_CUSTOMER_Comment> (for note or owner update comments)

b) All possible OTRS config settings:
<OTRS_CONFIG_*> e. g.

c) Ticket owner options:
<OTRS_OWNER_*> e. g.

d) Ticket responsible options:

e) Options of the current user who requested this action:
<OTRS_CURRENT_*> e. g.

f) Options of the current customer user data of this ticket:

Note: For more tags have a look into your “CustomerUser” Kernel/Config.pm
options. All tags under “Map => […]” are possible.

g) Options of the ticket data:
<OTRS_TICKET_*> e. g.



~ di diegotech su febbraio 7, 2012.


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