Drupal Intranet – Day One

I have been involved in a company project to build an intranet site.
In the first analysis with business management we have writed the first project document with the basic characteristics and data models.

The main problem to approach was the personalzation of content per-user and then per-roles. In fact, like most social networking sites, every user must have its own profile page, its own home page, and a list of pages dedicated to their relations with the company(e.g. the timesheet, the personal salary report, CV and learning certificates etc..).
In drupal we have got the solution of most of these problems using Views and Filters on Specific Content Types. In fact for management purposes we can configure different requests made by users(“Create Content X”) and show up these content, with suitable filters linked to simple Views, made for different kind of users, for example HR dpt. or Personnel.
In this context the HR leader can manage every requests made by personnel in front of his PC: vacation requests, authorizations etc. etc..).
We then started the project with the configuration of “Online Requests” as a content types and different kind of Views for every roles involved in the request flow. A must discovered in this work: The User:current filter in Views.



~ di diegotech su agosto 25, 2010.


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