Get a shared resource shortcut on user desktop with Group policy

If you want to make your lan users life easier(if you know the user usual level of  experience with pc in italy you can understand) here a trick to obtain a shared resource link on their desktop:

– Create a batch file(ora script) with these lines(here with kixtart script but it’s similar with a batch file):

if InGroup(“INTRANET\grsala”)
use q: “\\leonardo\Sala operatoria”
copy “p:\CartelleDesktop\Sala operatoria su Leonardo.lnk” “c:\documents and settings\all users\desktop\”
AT (20,25) “Premere un tasto per continuare…”
get $x



copy “p:\shortcutfileWithLinkTOSHAREDRESOURCE.lnk” “c:\documents and settings\all users\desktop\”



In this case, we can link some similar files for OU or Shared resource (obviously depends on the size of your lan) just with an “if-else” command.

This trick apply on W2k3 servers.


~ di diegotech su ottobre 12, 2009.


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